Livingmore "Gone Too Fast" Offical Music Video


Livingmore "Really Mean It" Official Music Video

Video directed, produced and animated by Dillon Moore
Audio recording produced, recorded and engineered by Brian Rosemeyer at Kingsize Soundlabs/Mant Studios
Audio mastering by Mark Chalecki

Words and music by Alex Moore and Spencer Livingston
Vocals/guitar- Alex Moore
Guitar/vocals- Spencer Livingston
Drums- Mike Schadel
Bass- Bryan Dobbs
Keys- Colin Warling

Livingmore "Cocoon" Official Music Video

Livingmore "Never Slow Down" Official Music Video

Livingmore "Little Bird" Official Music Video

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Official music video for "Little Bird" shot entirely within the Snapchat app. The video originally lived in the app's Snap Story for 24 hours, and was later edited to this version here. 

Director: Omeed Boghraty
Producer:  Kaitlin Moore
Music Supervisor/Sound Design: Genevieve Vincent
Editor: Scott Butzer
Motion Supervisor: Spencer Tucker
Art Director: Geo Panchame
Location: Frank Meyer/Summer Wilcoxon

"Little Bird" was produced, recorded and mixed by Mike Schadel at Beer City Studios and was written by Alex Moore and Spencer Livingston. Copyright 2015. Alex Moore- vocals/guitar, Spencer Livingston- guitar/vocals, Mike Schadel- drums, Colin Warling- bass. Mastered by Peter Malick at The Pie & Tart Shop

Livingmore "Dead Fruit" Live At The Rehearsal Space

Westlake Pro & Moosecat Recording presents Livingmore

Livingmore Playing Original Song "For The Hell Of It"

Late Nite Music Club feat. Livingmore Ep. 35

Livingmore Playing New Song "Strange Hopefuls"

Livingmore Playing Original Song "Little Bird"

Video shot by Logan Covelli