Livingmore originated with songwriters Alex Moore and Spencer Livingston, who met in Los Angeles in 2014. They with the help of Mike Schadel on drums and Rodrigo Moreno on bass began generating buzz from the HypeM blogosphere with the release of their self-titled EP in 2015. Drawing inspiration across several genres and from acts such as Garbage and The Kinks to Belle and Sebastian, Moore and Livingston write dreamy and sometimes haunting rock n’ roll songs that will take you on a journey.

“We never really plan when we’re going to write, we just wait for it to happen,” Livingston notes, while explaining the band’s songwriting process. Each song has a totally organic approach - sometimes born from Livingston playing a melody and Moore composing accompanying lyrics on the spot; other times with both of them writing songs separately and meeting in the middle. 

In 2018 the band released a full length album "Ok To Land" as well as another three song EP "Its All Happening". Livingmore has toured all over the country and is currently in the studio recording more new music for 2019 with Grammy award winning engineer Tom Weir.

“We can be reborn in all kinds of different ways. We’ve regained confidence in ourselves and are ready to move to the next chapter, whatever that may be,” Moore explains defiantly. 

Full length "Ok To Land" and “Its All Happening” EP both OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!

 Vinyl available at Nomadeelrecords.bandcamp.com/merch